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About Us

Why "Stealth Health"?

When it comes to diet success - long term adherence matters more than anything.

And to adhere over the long term… you need to be enjoying the entire process. Happiness = Adherence

So many people enter dieting as if it’s a 12 week sprint where they cut out everything they love, accept the short term suffering, and constantly find themselves dreaming about getting to the end and being able to have their favorite foods again.


About Me

Who am I?

My name is Tom Walsh, and I'm the man behind @Stealth_Health_Life !

Many of my best memories from childhood were at the dinner table with my family, sharing delicious meals together. It shaped me in to who I am today and sharing experiences around food was (and is) a significant part of my identity.

After high school, I turned to weightlifting as an outlet for my need to be physically active. I started looking at food purely for fuel, not joy. Diet culture told me that good tasting food = “bad for you”, and it felt necessary to sacrifice that part of my life to reach my goals. Before long, I began to feel like I was sacrificing too much - but I wasn’t willing to give up either my love for food or my passion for fitness.

I began combining my knowledge of the basic principles of nutrition with my love for food and cooking, and after tons of trial and error - I was able to learn techniques to combine the best of both worlds. I found that it was actually very possible to significantly improve the “health” / “nutrition” of foods without really sacrificing on taste, it just took a few ingredient swaps here and there.


Finally macro friendly recipes that taste so so good. Nothing is dry and boring about these recipes and they are so easy to follow. This cookbook has helped me so much staying on track!

Kayla H.

Stealth. Health. Life

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100+ Macro-Friendly Recipes